The "Model J" is a model portfolio managed by Jonathan.   It is a balanced portfolio, designed for a hypothetical, 50-70 year old client with a moderate risk tolerance.    The hypothetical client has a home that is fully paid off, no other debts, and a retirement lifestyle that requires $100,000 per year, pre-tax.  The Model J does not use any margin, options, or short selling.   The portfolio was created on 11/4/13, with a hypothetical beginning value of $2,000,000.   On 1/21/14, it closed at $2,037,955 up by +1.9% since inception.   On a year-to-date basis, the portfolio is up by +1.2%, compared to the S&P500, which is flat year-to-date, based on 1/21/14 closing prices.



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