CEO Alan G. Cutler manages this signature fund himself.    Named after our colorful logo, the "Prism Fund" is an aggressively managed hedge fund, which employs advanced options strategies to achieve high returns.    Unlike the hypothetical Model J portfolio, the Prism Fund is a real fund, using real money.   Last year (2013), it produced +39.50%.*


As the name and logo suggest, the Prism Fund achieves its results by carefully dissecting the complex risks and rewards of stock option contracts into their component parts.    Just as a prism separates white light into its component colors, the Prism Fund carefully dissects the components of options contracts, including their time value and intrinsic value, and weighs them against their risks, as measured by the "Greeks" (Theta, Vega, Delta, & Gamma).   When these complex mathematics suggest opportunity, the Prism Fund employs one or more option strategy (Condor, Iron Condor, Spread, etc.) to capitalize on the opportunity.

* after trading commissions & margin interest, before management compensation.